Saturday, December 4, 2010


Jesus has re-arisen! Last night, in Beverly Hills, a friend and I saw JESUS! We saw him once on Little Santa Monica Blvd. near Canon, and then again walking down Wilshire by Robertson. It was awesome to watch the double takes passers-by would give. Apparently, he's a familiar figure to west-siders because a lot of people know about him.

He's just this incredibly tall, probably 6'6" man with long brown hair and a goatee who walks around Los Angeles in a flowing white robe. He likes flashing peace signs. The photo I got is miserable, I only caught him at the last second. With legs like that, he moves pretty fast. I'm sure superstitious types would look at this photo and think it's a ghost! I'm going to keep my eyes peeled for this guy, and next time I'm talking to him and getting a better photo!

Perez Hilton has some much better photos! I really want to talk to this guy! Alert the non-believers! I guess we're just wrong.

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