Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Last Chance before you vote!

Alright, get it all out now! I've been reading some of the comments from the judges post and while some are from conservatives thanking me for showing them how to vote opposite from me (which is fine, although there are way more conservative websites out there telling you how to vote), some are from people with very good points.

That's why I view this website as a forum, it's really tough to dig into every corner of every person on the ballot, and I value what others have to say.

One Anonymous commentator mentioned two judges that I gave a "NO" vote to that do have liberal endorsements. Mainly, Randy Hammock and Alan Schneider. After looking around, I can see that this reader probably subscribes to the L.A. Times. Both were endorsed by the paper.

After reading a little more, it looks like Schneider is significantly more qualified than Tom Griego.  He's endorsed by both Democrats and Republicans and will likely be a good judge.

The Times states that both Randy Hammock and Mark Ameli are highly qualified, which they both seem to be. Hammock is endorsed by both Republicans and Democrats, while Mark Ameli is only endorsed by Democrats. But as the Times said, "In Office No. 28, voters are in luck because they have two good choices. Randy Hammock is a seemingly tireless lawyer who left his practice to serve the Los Angeles Juvenile Dependency Court as a referee. Mark K. Ameli is an experienced and accomplished civil litigator." If both are qualified, I'll stick with my original pick. But it's good to know that either one would do a good job if elected.

The other issue brought up is about John Noguez for County Assessor.  Anonymous stated that he is corrupt and has ties to the Bell city officials who awarded themselves giant salaries and were generally shady politicians. I found an article about it here. And even the Washington Times reported on it just a few days ago. Even though John Noguez has more endorsements, the L.A. Times has backed John Y. Wong... which is pretty much the only endorsement he has. I previously had a NO vote for Mr. Wong, but if the LA Times thinks he's qualified and the accusations against John Noguez are at all true, perhaps the Times is right that we need someone less political in the office of Assessor. This shouldn't even be an elected position!

So, to re-cap:



Again, I really appreciate the input from people, even if they choose to be anonymous or some choose to be rude or obnoxious. I just think it's important that people try to EDUCATE themselves and actually get out there and VOTE! It's hard to wade through the sea of misinformation and lack of information, so we all need to help each other.

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