Monday, July 26, 2010



Whew. Now that we have that out of the way...

Who are we anyway? Besides concerned citizens, of course.

"We" are a couple-- hetero life partners who live in Los Angeles and try to change things. We were both raised Catholic, actually, and came to atheism on our own terms. Our parents are still religious people.

So, do we hate religion? Do we hate religious people? No.

But it is also the cause for many, MANY problems in this world, and THAT is what we resent.

This blog is about that resentment and also a celebration of all those good atheists out there!

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  1. Love that you use "Life Partners"... I frequently refer to Dave as my partner, mostly because "boyfriend" does not imply a rock-solid, ten-year relationship but also because I've seen far better "partnerships" in my life than "marriages". Whenever anyone asks "TEN YEARS, WHEN THE HECK ARE YA GETTIN MARRIED?" I always ask "why?" and they never have a good answer. Wanting a house or kids may change that, but those aren't close at hand. People are too locked into traditionality for no reason. Props :)


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